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Hush Heath Winery


We can offer almost any drink and food option if you really want it, but let's be totally upfront and honest here, our very favourite thing to have chilled and ready upon arrival is something super special from the super stellar (and deliciously local) winery Hush Heath.

Hidden deep in the Garden of England, the Estate is home to our award winning English sparkling wine, Balfour Brut Rosé. Since its beginnings the Estate has grown its product range substantially and now boasts an exquisite selection of wines and ciders all produced from fruit grown in our beautiful vineyards and apple orchards. Our expert team of winemakers combine their skills in our state of the art winery to bring you this delicious range.

The Estate comprises 400 acres of perfectly manicured vineyards, apple orchards and ancient oak woodlands rich with wildlife, flora and fauna all of which add to the beauty and provenance of what we produce.

It’s our team’s passion for what we do that makes us unique and very special. What started as a hobby for entrepreneur Richard Balfour-Lynn is now a quickly expanding family based wine and cider business. 
We welcome you to visit our Estate and share our passion.

The Vineyard

At Hush Heath Estate, we believe strongly in the mantra that the finest wines can only be produced from the finest fruit. Winemaking, therefore, starts in the vineyards. Nestled among the rolling hills, within The Garden of England, our vineyards enjoy quiet serenity and a favourable microclimate supporting optimal ripening conditions for our prized grapes. In our wines and ciders, we use only fruit grown within Hush Heath Estate, so we understand the history of each and every bottle.

We feel that the best flavours and characters for sparkling wine production come from the three classic Champagne grape varieties; Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier. At Hush Heath we have 37 acres of land planted with this classic trio. Our vineyards are designed and planted under the meticulous eye of one of England’s leading consultants and Masters of Wine. Our vines and wines benefit from our outstanding soil; deep Wealden clay, unique to our corner of Kent, which provides dense structure in our wines and vibrant, lively acidity.

Viticulturalists at Hush Heath have been working the land for three generations and have an innate understanding of the soil as well as each and every row of vines. We take a hands on approach in the vineyards, inspecting them daily, and being careful that each decision for the current vintage supports the best possible outcome for the following year. Over the course of the season we leaf strip and green harvest by hand, ensuring that each vine is developing the most flavoursome and concentrated fruit possible.