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Kent Crisps

Kent Crisps are just soooo good and soooo local... we really don't know what we would do without them.

The Kent Crisps Story

Our story begins just short of 6 years ago when our managing director Angie came upon the bright idea to launch a range of crisps focussed on everything Kent had to offer.

After many hours in the office Angie would return home after a full day with different varieties of potatoes, which she and her husband would thinly slice and then fry with the aim of achieving the perfect crisp, which indeed they did!

Once the quest for the perfect hand cooked crisp with the essential crunch had been achieved, the flavouring was the next challenge...

When it came to flavourings one thing that was paramount was that we worked with local producers to make a crisp with true provenance and with our 6 flavours this is exactly what we have achieved.

We then had the fun of designing the packaging that would be eye catching and depict the flavours.

Our launch, almost 5 years ago was a huge success and we haven’t looked back – we are now in our 3rd premises and have plenty more plans for continued success and growth.

Like with all things in life it is great to keep things fresh and with this in mind we have recently carried out a complete rebrand of both our packaging and flavours and improved both to rave reviews.

We believe we have the tastiest crisps out there!