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Owlet Juices

Owlet juices are pure, fresh and of premium quality. We know this because we make all the juices here on the farm. We offer an extensive range of single variety English apple juices together with some highly original blends of English fruits, berries and flowers. Our clean and simple process is designed to keep the “just picked” flavour of the fruit. The juices have no added sugar, artificial sweeteners or preservatives.

The Owlet Story

Owlet Fruit Juice is a well-kept secret in the heart of Kent. We have been growing fruit and making juices at Owl House Fruit Farm since 1986.

The Owlet Story began in 1983, with the exciting idea to import an ancient three-wheeled cider press from Normandy.

A wonderful machine – all giant cogs, fly wheels, pulleys, buckets and belts – it had spent an idyllic life travelling from farm to farm, converting apples to juice to be fermented into cider. We thought “this is an interesting possibility, Kent is full of orchards and there are not many people making juice or cider…”

The life changing decision in 1985 to buy Owl House Fruit Farm in the Garden of England and grow apples, pears and cherries, sealed our rural way of life and we became one of the first juice producers in Kent. During late summer and autumn we used to tow the old press and bushel boxes of ripe apples to local country shows, where we gave working demonstrations and sold freshly squeezed, unpasteurised apple juice to a totally captivated audience.

Many people were astonished by the individual flavours and aromas of the different apple varieties they saw being pressed. Tasting fresh juice straight from the press often led to the question “Where can we buy your juice?”

It didn’t take us long to realise that we should bottle our seven single variety apple juices and make them available throughout the year. Since then we have invested in modern juice machinery and have continued to develop the range. We now offer an extensive selection including flowers, berries and spices. All our juices are made with British apples and Pears, which we grow ourselves or source locally from fruit growing colleagues.

We have gained plenty of experience and expertise over the years, accumulating more national and regional awards than any other British juice producer. The Owlet brand is now well established in the South East, supplying many prestigious cafes, restaurants and independent food shops in the UK.